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  • Gin Tasting

    A couple of ideas... or we'll create a bespoke event for you!

    History of Gin Tasting

    The History of Gin

    Ever wondered where Gin came from? Why’s it called Mother’s Ruin - and what’s the link to Dutch courage? Join us for a whistle stop tour of everything Juniper!

    A masterclass with 5 nips of gin, exploring the history of gin, and the traditional serve of Gin & Tonic. (Example drinks: Genever, Barrel Aged, Old Tom, Navy Strength, London Dry Gin).

    Gin Tasting Corporate Events

    Modern Gin-aissance

    What’s fuelling the current Gin craze? Why Is Juniper under threat? All the latest Gin trends, so you can wow friends with your knowledge!


    You will enjoy 5 tipples and discover how to reinvigorate the G&T with a modern twist. (Example Stock: Coloured Gin, Unusual Botanicals, Small Batch Craft Distilled, Regional Gin, Flavoured Tonic).

  • Tequila Tasting...

    Our Don't Shoot Tequila experience is a whistle-stop tour of the magic that is Mezcal, including a little bit of history, a drop of production, a touch of tradition and a whole host of delicious snifters to help you understand just why you should never SHOOT tequila!


    Learn the tricks for the best way to taste tequila, and understand exactly what the effects of barrel ageing does to the delicate 100% agave in precious tequila.


    "Fantastic food, perfect group size, and a presenter with a passion and knowledge. A really great afternoon. I have never sipped tequila and will do it more often!"


    Events include 5 "shots" of Tequila/Mezcal, a mini Tommy's Margarita, and some chip & dip to nibble on. Sessions typically last 90 minutes.

    Aperitivo Hour

    In 90 minutes, our Aperitivo Hour events will transport you from the streets of the UK to the pavement cafes of Milan and Turin, to discover how the Italians relax after work.


    Our continental cousins are renowned for their sophistication, offering us an uber-cool take on the traditional 'Happy Hour'. Our events are a frivolous and lighthearted romp around modern Italian culture focusing on the way Aperitivo Hour is changing how Britain enjoys a pre dinner drink.


    We’ll teach you how to mix up a storm of Aperitivo cocktails, and learn about the stories and history of the authentic Italian ingredients used to create them. You'll enjoy 6 sample sized drinks paired with 6 bites of food – appetisers that are a super way to whet the whistle.


    "Your team are clearly skilled and their passion for their job really shone through!"


    Contact us to put together a quotation for your event, because "To THINK Italian, you have to DRINK Italian!"

    Rum Tasting

    Our Rum Rebels experience follows the story of sugar - and how it affected the history of this drink from smugglers and slavery to the navy, piracy and rebellion! It's these tales which really bring rum to life...


    We'll give you tricks for the best way to taste rum like a pro, the opportunity to sample some of the World's tastiest rums and learn just how different styles of rums change as the geography, history and distilling methods have evolved.


    "The rum history was interesting - was great that the content wasn't just about the distilling process. Really nice atmosphere and great presentation."


    You can expect to taste six tots, and learn from an expert just how to make your very own, perfect Daiquiri and Rum Punch.

    A History of Drinks in 90 minutes

    Erm, that's what it is. Tastes and tales of the best of the World's spirits.


    It does what it says on the bottle: a whistle stop tour focused on stories of the history and production of the main spirits: Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila & Whisky.


    Discover why there's a bottle of each of these tipples behind every bar in the world - with the odd cocktail thrown in for good measure!


    "One creative deemed it the best night he's spent with clients - so you guys must be doing something right."


    From Ivan the Terrible to modern Mixology and everything in-between - join us to drink in some history!

    Wonky Mixology

    If you’re a cocktail lover with an inner scientist screaming to get out then this is the event for you. Feast your eyes on our dry ice show whilst learning to flavour airs and foams to top off your drink creations.


    You’ll learn some techniques to dazzle your friends with and taste some alcoholic treats that are out of this world - as Mr. Wonka would say, "little surprises around every corner, but nothing dangerous".


    This 90 minute interactive class will educate you in all things Wonky when it comes to Mixology!


    "Our clients were suitably impressed as was our MD and everyone else who attended."


    Contact us for a bespoke quotation - super for small teambuilding events or the event can also scale up to create a whole Wonky world of adventure - great to entertain hundreds of guests or even attract visitors to an exhibition stand!

    Vodka Tasting

    Our Vodka Tzars experience looks at the history and production of this ancient spirit.


    Join our Red Army of vodka masters as we barnstorm through Poland and the former soviet states one vodka at a time and then travel the World, in pursuit of the very best of modern vodka.


    "The best bit was the banter with the presenter and learning about what we were drinking. It was a very relaxed, fun atmosphere. "


    You wont find any molotov cocktails with us, your full vodka 90 minute experience will include, a Russian punch, then a trio of different, unusual vodkas. How to make a perfect ‘Moscow mule’. Finishing with how to craft a mini Cosmopolitan.


    So, enjoy a shot with us . Breathe out. Drink. Na-zda-rov’-ye, as they say in Moscow.

    Ready Steady Cocktail

    Our Ready Steady Cocktail event involves the whole crowd, who learn new skills, whilst bonding over a few professionally made cocktails along the way.


    Delicious reception cocktails are served and then cocktail games commence! Guests learn the art of free-pouring, cocktail making methods, the best techniques to use tools of the bar trade, and gain knowledge about drinks ingredients.


    The programme culminates in the mystery bag round, where teams create their own cocktail recipes based on the skills they've learnt and present them to the judges! During the event guests enjoy up to 4 cocktails each.


    "You were sent from the Gods - I can't thank you enough and feel a bit guilty as everyone is thanking me!!"


    Ideal for promoting a fun team working atmosphere, your guests will be treated to a sensory experience and take home bartending skills to entertain their own guests!

    Spirited Sailing

    The British Navy relied on alcohol rations, and alcohol relied on it - for it was sailors who helped transport drinks around the world creating global brands.


    We follow the story of ale, rum, grog, whisky and gin across to high sea to discover what DID become of the drunken sailor.


    We'll teach you how to enjoy your rations neat, mix cocktails, and find out why you'll need gunpowder at hand for a really strong drink...


    "The drinks included some incredibly rare "one-off" bottlings... they had fun stories to tell about the origins of the drinks, and were great entertainers for the whole period...Overall, the experience was magical."


    You can expect to taste six tots, and learn from an expert just how to make your very own Grog & Dry Martini. We can come aboard your ship or recommend some we work with! Ahoy!

  • Whisky Tasting

    We're a bit alternative...

  • And now for something completely different...

    A free thinking and fun look at the wonderful world of uisge beatha - the water of life. 99% water and alcohol, 1% genius. We concentrate on the genius. Our Whisky Super Heroes will introduce you to World Whisky served in unconventional ways! From green tea, & cocktails to whisky clouds & instant whisky ice cream.

    Whisky & Oyster Masterclass...

    We'll pair local drams with varieties of Oyster from different shores. You'll learn from Captain Bob how to shuck your own Oyster before a shucking competition ensues! Drinking 'Oyster Luges' whilst we explore the history of Whisky by the sea.

    Scotchy Scotch Scotch...

    Some say it was the Irish who invented whisky - but there's no denying the history & heritage of Scotch is unrivalled. We'll explore the huge variety of styles of this iconic drink. The stories behind the brands, the geography, the culture & some stories you may not know - explaining why you find a bottle of Scotch in every bar in the world.

  • Event Bar Solutions

    We've created events at No. 10 Downing Street, on Superyachts, in Manor Houses, Castles and Luxury Hotels and Resorts, all over the World. In bars, clubs and venues we've worked for corporates, venue owners, and drinks brands, entertaining anyone who likes to imbibe.

    Corporate Events for 300, parties, exclusive dinners, public speaking, marketing and brand events, stag and hen nights, exhibition stands, talking at distilleries, acting on behalf of brands, and of course an increasing amount of "drinks stuff" overseas.






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