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    Our clients are drinks brands, venues, event organisers, corporates and people who enjoy imbibing...

  • What We Do

    Events, Marketing, Consultancy...

    Whisky Tasting Events


    Drinks Entertainment, Corporate Events, Brand Experiences...

    At liquortolips, the accent is on entertainment. Passion is a much overused word in business but our events cry out to be loved. Memorable meets measurable.


    We like to trailblaze, be first to market and analyse but above all, we like to entertain. Gin, rum, vodka, tequila, whisky, our guests want to find out, in a fun way, what's new, what's undiscovered and what's exciting.


    We pride ourselves in the 'content' we create and the stories we tell. Bringing brands and occasions to life. We can develop bespoke events to suit your objectives and audience and have plenty of tried and tested event ideas to draw on here.

    Liquor to Lips


    Experiential, Social Media, E-mail Marketing...

    Marketing - everyone can do it: much of what you need is already in the heads of your team. The same's the case at many companies we work with.


    However, have you written it down? Do you have 'The Big Idea'? How much information do you have right now - on your competition? Marketing gives you a chance to pull all this relevant information together in one place, and tell the world about your offering.


    “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half”, not so anymore Lord Lever - memorable meets measurable is us.


    We have more good ideas over lunch than most people all week. The difference? We make them happen. Read more here.

    Drinks Consultants


    Strategy, Training, Insight...

    Consultancy: It's a funny one. Even the most respected firms that have been expensively plying their trade for decades, tell you they go about consulting with a passion. They also say they've got experts. Well, of course.


    What we offer is a satisfaction guarantee. Get us in, let us set up a working platform and if we haven't added more value than the cost of the consultancy, we'll refund our fees.


    This why we don't feel that we have to speak of passion or expertise. Surely that's what you're paying for?


    Try us. Quite literally, nothing to lose. Read more here.

  • Who We Are

    We're a collective of drinks experts, writers, presenters, bartenders, brand ambassadors, admin ninjas, booze hounds, tee-totallers, designers, event organisers, entertainers, flair performers, mixologists, marketeers, photographers & more. Brought together on project by project basis, so you've got the right team to deliver the job at hand. Here's some of our key players...

    Rick Bronks Satureyes

    Adam Vasquez-Ellul

    Brand Team

    Uncle Wray,

    Rick Bronks Satureyes

    Allannah Jackson


    a G &T,


    Bobs Chidoze

    Business Strategy

    Cocktails Galore,

    Gin Expert Kate O'Neil

    Kate O'Neil


    a Dry Martini,

    Diva Mum Jackie Wynne

    Jackie Wynne

    Brand Team Glasgow

    plus Bubbles darling,

    Jamie Stephenson

    Jamie Stephenson

    Brand Team

    a side of burger & fries,

    James Nicolian

    James Nicolian



    Tequila Expert Joe Wood

    Joseph Wood

    Prestige Ambassador

    a shot of Tequila,

    Rick Bronks Satureyes

    Liz Madden

    Operations Director

    Diet Coke,


    Matt Highley

    Bar Consultant

    the perfect pint,

    Matt Roberts

    Matt Roberts

    Event Operations Manager

    a spirited shot,

    Matt Shepherd

    Matt Shepherd

    Online Marketing

    a tot of Rum,

    Mikey Webster

    Mikey Webster

    Copywriter, Organiser, Admin

    a White WIne,

    Rick Bronks Satureyes

    Rick Bronks

    Visual Content Creative

    the best shot,


    Roy O'Neil

    Business Strategy



    Tom Proud

    Brand Liason

    and a craft cocktail.

  • Events

    Memorable meets measurable...

    Gin Tasting

    Our Work

    We've created events at No. 10 Downing Street, on Superyachts, in Manor Houses, Castles and Luxury Hotels and Resorts, all over the World. In bars, clubs and venues we've worked for corporates, venue owners, and drinks brands, entertaining anyone who likes to imbibe.


    Because we are UK-wide we can - and do - get asked to do everything drinks related.
    Corporate Events for 300, parties, exclusive dinners, public speaking, marketing and brand events, stag and hen nights, exhibition stands, talking at distilleries, acting on behalf of brands, and of course an increasing amount of "drinks stuff" overseas.
    Ask us anything - we'll give you expert advice on how to make your ideas become reality or...check out some ideas from previous events here...

  • Marketing

    Strategy. Delivery. Analysis.

    Whisky Tasting

    Our Work

    From rebranding and relaunching gin brands, to providing a strategic plan for historic venues, social media for bars or ambassadors for drinks companies, we can help your business succeed.

    Marketing ROI

    How We Work

    • Align your business strategy - meet, research, compare, innovate
    • Discover opportunities and get staff enthused
    • Define goals, tone and creative-approach 
    • Identify unique and favourable aspects of approach
    • Assign values to KPIs- what will 'Success' look like?
    • Decide which channels to focus on
    • Determine tactics and levels of frequecy
    • Select analytics tools - which will be most suitable? 
    • Do it!
    • Measure, adapt and repeat. Collaborate!
    Social Media Consultants

    Social Media

    You're getting more followers and 'likes', but 'social meeee-ja' feels like a  distraction and not a revenue generator. We can help you convert 'fans' into customers. 


    The difference between a few 'updates' and a successful campaign is planning, targets, strategy, and engaging content, with simple delivery. We provide measurable results, PR, partnerships and most importantly, sales.

    Email Marketing Consultants

    Email Marketing

    Lots of people assume that with new technology, e-mail marketing has had it's day. However, 59% of B2B marketers said email is the 'most effective channel for generating revenue'. (BtoB Magazine).


    We can help you manage, increase your database, and create engaging content with calls to action. By trying different approaches and measuring how your audiences respond, campaigns will improve and deliver better results.

  • Consultancy

    "A consultant is someone who saves his client almost enough to pay his fee." Arnold H. Glasow

    Drinks Consultants

    Our Work

    From trend forecasting and writing articles, to redesigning bar menus and training your team, our consultancy delivers measurable results. We're independent, have no geographical boundaries and a broad ranging skillset matched with experience, offering unique insight for your business.

    For brands...


    • Business Strategy - what does success look like?
    • Market Research - trend forecasting.
    • Drinks Development - liquid development, menu design, bespoke cocktails & perfect serves.
    • Education & Training - bespoke brand or category training.
    • Product Development - tasting and testing.

    Marketing Strategy:

    • Tailored Marketing Plans - online, events, trade and consumer.
    • Partnership Marketing - collaboration.
    • Sponsorship Management - maximise your return.
    • Route to Market Solutions - get your product placed to sell.


    • Social Media - measured results based on current best practice.
    • E-Newsletters - design, sending and database management.
    • Copywriting - say more with less.


    • Branding - communicating 'The Big Idea'.
    • Web - and mobile sites.
    • Print - people still love beautiful printed materials.
    • Photography - good design needs good images.
    • Packaging - reflecting the quality of your product.


    • Brand Ambassadors - a flexible extension to your in house team.
    • Sales Representatives - converting leads into income.
    • Recruitment - find the right match for your team.


    • Consumer tastings - measurable sampling with feedback and results.
    • Pop-Up Bars - put your brand almost anywhere!
    • Cocktail Competitions - on trade marketing campaigns.
    • Exhibition Stands - on trade or consumer attractions that sell.
    • Unusual Brand Experiences - sensory selling.

    For Venues...

    Increase Profit:

    • Sell more spirits and cocktails, which achieve higher gross profit.
    • Increased wet sales.
    • Upsell to premium products.
    • Reduced stock costs.
    • Increased spend per head.
    • Improved customer retention.

    Gain a reputation for quality drinks:

    • PR from new menu launches.
    • Content for social media.
    • Increased guest experience.
    • Increased profile in the drinks industry.

    Partner with leading drinks brands:

    • Sales incentives from drinks brands .
    • Educational trips, training and competitions.
    • Benefit from association with leading brands.

    Train and Retain Team Members:

    • Improved skill levels and career development.
    • Increase tips for staff.
    • Increased staff satisfaction.
  • Who We Work With

    Some of our favourites...

    Drinks Marketing UK

    What They Say...


    "The first NIP festival was a big jump for us and we were delighted to get the experience and contacts that Liquor to Lips provided us. Their passion, knowledge and enthusiasm added greatly to the event, and their master class was one of the highlights of the festival. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone organising an event looking for a bit of pizzazz and show!" Bruce - Nip Festival.


    "One creative deemed it the best night he's spent with clients - so you guys must be doing something right!" Saatchi & Saatchi.


    "Everything went on time, in budget and with great success. Liquor to Lips knew their stuff inside out. The drinks selection included rum, whisky, gin and some incredibly rare "one-off" bottlings of each... they had fun stories to tell about the origins of the drinks, and were great entertainers for the whole period...Overall, the experience was magical." John - IOM World.


    "Your events were amazing, not what I expected at all. Everyone had the opportunity to get as involved as they wanted, it didn't feel like... contrived events run just for industry insiders. It was inclusive, enlightening and I have changed my buying habits. Well done to all involved, in particular the Liquor to Lips contingent..." Murdo - Nip Festival Guest.

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